We just love to help people with their self storage. It’s not just about security whilst we protect your goods.

The best Gold Coast Self Storage happens before, during and after you store. Here are our tips about packaging before you come to us, arranging your storage unit for easy access to you most frequently used items, and packaging so your goods are undamaged when you take them out of storage.

Have a look through our FAQ’s below and of course if you can’t find an answer please get in touch!


How much space do I need?

It’s time to sit down and make a list or two. Being organised makes a move into storage, run that much smoother. Consider how many rooms do you have. What has to be stored and what do you want to keep with you or family.

Here is a general guide:

  • Trolley – 1m3
  • Trolley – 1.5m3
  • Small Spare Room – 9m3
  • 1 Bedroom unit – 14m3
  • 2 Bedroom Unit – 17m3
  • 2 Bedroom House – 21m3 
  • Small 3 Bedroom Unit – 25m3
  • 3 Bedroom House – 34m3
  • 4 Bedroom House – 44m3
  • Big 4 Bedroom – 50m3
  • Big 5 Bedroom – 70m3


How much does storage cost?

First decide how long you will need a storage unit for. Then what sort of access you require to your property. (Ground floor for heavy items or upstairs for lighter items.) Once you have decided that we can give you a price that saves you money. We’ll also match any written like for like quote. Prices start from $1 per day.


How do I limit musky storage odours?

When storing furniture, clean all items before placing them into your storage unit. This way it is more likely they won’t smell bad at the end of storage. Vacuuming couch and chair cushions, as well as wiping down appliances.


How can I save money on storage?


To reduce the space you need, take legs off furniture, dismantle beds, flat pack kitset furniture. This helps you utilise all the space available.



How should I store my fridge or freezer?

Refrigerators and freezers should be stored completely defrosted and dry, with the door slightly open.


How should I store petrol powered garden tools?

The safest way to store petrol powered items is to drain the fuel out prior to storage. This keeps the fuel from corroding the engine and also minimises the risk of explosion and fueling a fire.


How do I reduce damage to mirrors & glass framed art?

Mirrors and picture frames are at risk of breakage during a move. Ensure they are properly packed by taping an “X” across the glass with masking tape, then wrap in bubble wrap.