We know you want to take your boat out every chance you get although we understand this isn’t always possible, maybe you don’t have space at home or would like to free up some space or maybe you would simply prefer peace of mind that your boat is safe and secure all year round. Keep your boat safe from theft, vandalism, and storms by storing it in our secure facility. At Budget Storage and removals we offer you friendly and personalised services at affordable prices. Boats, Jet Ski, Wave Runners or a Dinghy– we can help you out!





How much is boat storage?

Our storage rates start from $150 per week. It depends on how big your boat is and how long you stay. Please call us for a quote.


Will my boat fit in your storage?

Typically we store smaller boats, jet skis  & tinnies on their trailer. As a guide, no more than 5 meters in length.

If you have something larger, we do have space, but maneuvering it in and out may be an issue. 

Our spaces are 5m in length and 2.5m wide, clearance into the Facility is 2.4m High.


How do I prepare my boat for storage?

We recommend you make sure that:

  • Your boat is clean and dry prior to storage.
  • Disconnect & remove your batteries.
  • Disconnect & remove petrol tanks or empty them.
  • Cover the boat.


How do I store my boat trailer?

Boat trailers can be stored like any car, boat or pop-top caravan. They just need a bit of preparation.

  • Grease all points where corrosion maybe an issue.
  • Check tyre pressure.
  • Remember to move your trailer regularly to avoid flat spots developing on the rubber.


What is so good about dry dock storage?

  • Storing your boat in dry dock (land) saves wear and tear.
  • It reduces barnacle and algae growth that requires hull work cost down the track.
  • It lowers insurance costs as safer from storm and flooding events.
  • More secure as in a locked environment under constant camera surveillance.


How do I look after my batteries during storage?

We recommend you take these home and put them on your own trickle chargers. This is an extra security measure as well as keeping your batteries fresh ready to go when you are.


What should you do to maintain your boat during storage?

Similar to preparing your boat for storage. Check sure your cover is secure, make sure all your towing equipment is ready to go. Tyres pumped and tow balls greased as required.